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6 rivals for the 2015 Tesla Model X SUV

It seems strange to conjecture what rivals a new car might have nearly a year before it goes on sale, but the 2015 Tesla Model X SUV looks set to whip up such a storm that it’s probably worth investigating.

Before we go any further, however, know that this list does not include the Audi Q8 e-tron – a hotly anticipated electric SUV from the premium German automaker with enormous range. There simply isn’t enough concrete information on the car to speculate with any real certainly, other than the fact that it will be built. You can find more on that project here.

There is also the hydrogen-powered Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, which goes on sale shortly (with a decent lease deal) offering a zero emissions range of 300 miles, although here we’ve focused on battery-electric cars that can charge up anywhere.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently disclosed some new details on his company’s third car, but the upshot is that the Model X will seat seven and develop similar levels of power to the Model S sedan, all in addition to featuring four-wheel drive as standard.

It will likely start at around $70,000 with an EPA-rated electric range of at least 210 miles for the 60kWh version and 265 miles for the more expensive (think at least $80,000) 85kWh models.

As it stands the 2015 Tesla Model X won’t have a direct rival, as such, when it arrives. Nothing else either confirmed or in development, at least to our knowledge, will offer the same blend of performance and practicality while being powered purely by electricity. This is perhaps evidenced by the 13,000 reservations to date that Tesla has already taken for its upcoming SUV.

It means that while the prospective rivals below all the share the same general characteristics – a raised ride-height, space for families – as the Model X, under the skin they are subtly different. Most of them are plug-in hybrids, offering a small electric range and plenty of power, but without any range anxiety.
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