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2015 Toyota Camry To Feature Wireless Charging Option | Ubergizmo

When it comes to cars featuring wireless charging capability, it is not something that is entirely new, as the likes of Audi has already demonstrated such a capability at CES earlier this year. Toyota of Japan does not want to miss out on this particular bandwagon, as they have also introduced wireless charging capability onto its Avalon range of vehicles in the 2013 model year, which would fall under the Qi wireless charging standard. It seems that such a move was just the very beginning, as Toyota has continued to work on that particular standard byoffering wireless charging capability to the 2015 model year Camry vehicles.
In order to turn on wireless charging capability, one can do so using a toggle button that will be part of Toyota’s “ebin” features. Considering how Toyota has decided to stick to the Qi standard, for folks who happen to have a Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 928 or Lumia Icon device, will not find charging your respective devices to be of any issue.


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