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Wireless tech: The future of EVs

Although most wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging systems are currently in the pilot phase (and could stay there for up to three years), many believe that wireless technology represents the future of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging.

By 2015-2016, EV models with built-in wireless charging capability will be available from several major automakers, according to Navigant Research, and, within a decade, wireless charging could be the leading method of charging EVs. In fact, worldwide sales of wireless EV charging systems will grow from a few hundred in 2014 to nearly 302,000 by 2022, Navigant predicts.

Wireless charging systems for EVs offer several advantages over conventional plug-in technology, including convenience thus far unmatched in the industry.
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“Although some in the industry remain unconvinced that wireless charging will ever be more than a small niche market, it’s clear that major automakers have concluded that this technology could be a differentiator in a crowded EV market,” said Richard Martin, editorial director with Navigant Research. “Features once considered luxury items, such as power windows and automatic garage door openers, tend to spread, over time, across all vehicle segments — and that is likely to apply to wireless charging, as well.”

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