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Will You or the Grid Control Your Electric Car? – Scientific American

Will You or the Grid Control Your Electric Car?
Energy & Sustainability
Simply controlling where and when electric cars charge could go a long way to easing any spikes in electricity demand

Jun 18, 2013 |By David Biello

There’s a place in Austin, Texas, where the residents have agreed to be the test subjects for a renewable energy and smart grid future—and it’s named after a nut. The Pecan Street demonstration project—part of the newly built 280-hectare neighborhood known as Mueller—has become the largest concentrated community of electric vehicle (EV) owners in the world. The community now has nearly 60 Chevy Volt owners alone, thanks to the demonstration project’s commitment to match the federal government’s $7,500 rebate incentive, effectively halving the price of the hybrid electric cars. And, in addition to learning where and when EV owners charge up their cars, Volt manufacturer General Motors is hoping to learn from the folks in the Pecan Street project how a residential fleet of electric vehicles might change the electric grid.



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