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Will NYC’s CitiBike Shared Bicycles Get Add-On Electric Power?

CitiBike NYC racks in Manhattan, by Margaret Bedore (CC 3.0)

New York’s Citibike bike-sharing program may be laudably green, but pedaling isn’t always easy.

Now, there’s a startup that hopes to give riders a little push.

ShareRoller is an add-on electric motor for Citibikes that hopes to fund itself through Kickstarter.

Jeff Guida–the device’s inventor–told Gothamist that he views ShareRoller as a way to decouple bicycle commuting from exercise. The add-on caters to people who value the convenience and low environmental impact of cycling, but don’t want to sweat through their work clothes.

ShareRoller consists of a small electric motor, a battery pack, and a controller, packaged together in a laptop-like case. The battery powers a roller, which drives the bike’s front wheel through friction.



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