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What will expensive public charging rates really do to electric cars?

On April 1, Chargemaster’s Polar Network of public charging stations for electric cars will begin to actively charge electric car owners each time they plug in, a move away from its current business model of charging an annual £10 membership fee for unlimited access to its charging stations. Polar charging point with the Nissan LEAF lady

For the past few months, we’ve known it was coming, but on Wednesday we found out how much Polar Network will charge you to plug in. And while there are three different tariffs to choose from, many EV owners and advocates around the UK are horrified by the prices being proposed: as much as £8.50 for a single, 30-minute DC quick charge; £2.50 for an hour of Type 2 charging station access, and an astonishing £1.30 per hour of 13 amp ‘domestic outlet’ charging.

In the past 48 hours, I’ve spoken to many EV owners about the proposed changes with reactions ranging from indignation to despair and frustrated resignation. But today I want to try and answer one simple question: what will the impact on current and future EV owners really be?


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