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USA: The electric car is coming, and Riverland is prepared

?Stepping into the office of Riverland Community College professor Steve Vietor isn’t like stepping into the future, but getting into a conversation with him is.

He can describe at length information about electricity, electric motors, wind turbines, solar panels and the car charger by the parking on the north side of the Riverland building in Albert Lea. His office looks like 1980, but check out what he said about the future:

• As electric cars become more common, their drivers will seek out places with chargers that are near useful amenities, such as restaurants, parks and shopping centers, so they have something to do while their cars charge. Cities and malls that understand this will prosper as the electric car becomes more common.

• Being at the intersection of two interstate highways, Albert Lea can attract electric car drivers. It is big enough to have activities and shopping choices and small enough to be easy to navigate.

“With these corridors, Albert Lea is really in a good position,” Vietor said. “Charge. Eat. Go.”

And take note of what he said about the present day:


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