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UK: Electric cars go live in Larne at test drive event

Electric car technology – now viewed as the future for motoring – will be put to the test in Larne at an ecar drive show next month.

The event, which is one in a series being presented across the province, presents an opportunity to test drive the latest electric vehicles from top marques including BMW, Nissan and Renault.

Hybrid technology is being utilised by leading manufacturers in the race to reduce emissions and fuel costs.

This season’s Formula 1 cars are partly powered by electric motors recycling heat and emissions energy.

And even the notorious petrol heads on Top Gear are switching on to the cleaner technology.

The Larne town hall event is backed by two members of the Northern Ireland Executive – Transport Minister Danny Kennedy and Mark Durkan, Minister for the Environment.

The ecar driveshow on Wednesday, April 9 will feature a ministerial address, along with information on ecar opportunities and an insight into the future.

Individuals, organisations and businesses attending the event will then be able to get behind the wheels of electric vehicles to assess for themselves the benefits they bring.


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