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Three of the best | Free Malaysia Today

Electric cars might still be a rarity on many roads but, thanks to improvements in battery technology and charging infrastructure, price cuts and government grants and other schemes, the vehicles are starting to gain in popularity. A look at three of the best currently on the road.

The Nissan Leaf
In 2010, Nissan and Renault were bullish about the impact the car would have and set a target of selling 1.5 million Nissan and Renault-branded electric vehicles before the end of 2016. Although the companies have since been forced to rein back their enthusiasm — the target is now 1.5 million cars by 2020 — sales of the Nissan Leaf alone already account for nearly 10 percent of that target.

Since its launch in 2011, the Leaf has achieved sales of over 100,000, making it the world’s most popular electric car. Part of this has been achieved through aggressive advertising, by discounting and through government-backed schemes, but, fundamentally by constantly improving the car as technologies develop.



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