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The Motor Report: Auto News And Reviews

What’s hot: It’s recycled, it’s electric, and Australian made. If it was any greener it would be made of grass; 200km of commuting a week costs $2.40.
What’s not: It’s recycled – with a second-hand Hyundai Getz body for new-car money.
X-FACTOR: Silent running and instant torque are nice, but thumbing your nose at the oil companies is the real attraction.

Vehicle style: Five-door city-car hatch.
Price: Blade S – $45,000 (tested), for Blade R – $28,000
Engine/trans: 55kW Electric motor, lithium iron phosphate batteries
Fuel consumption: Zero. Uses 3kWh of power for 100km (roughly 40c)


The Blade S is a fascinating mix of the old and the new, and a credit to the entrepreneurial, ethical spirit of its creator,Ross Blade.

Blade has been building, and selling, electric cars in Australia since 2006.



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