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The future of motoring? Electric car version of Boris Bikes launched by French firm pledging to quadruple charging points

Motorists in London will be able to hire the Bluecars for £10 p/h
Firm aims to have 6,000 charging points in the capital by 2018
Hopes to replicate success electric cars have had in Paris

An electric car version of ‘Boris Bikes’ has been launched in London by a French firm which has pledged to quadruple the number of charging points in the capital.

Motorists will be able to hire the new electric cars from £2.50 for fifteen minutes, £5 for 30 minutes or £10 per hour under the new car-sharing scheme.

The first electric Bluecars have been in trial around the capital with 100 set to be in place within the year rising to 3,000 in total.
Popular in Paris: Motorists in London will be able to rent electric cars for £10 per hour

Popular in Paris: Motorists in London will be able to rent electric cars for £10 per hour

They will be right hand drive to take account of Britons driving on the left.

But before that, the company has been given the challenge of boosting the chronic shortage of electric car charging points in London – and the vast number of electric leads required by drivers when they do find one that’s free or working.

France’s Bolloré Group has been awarded the contract by Transport for London to run, improve and massively expand the network of charging points in the UK capital to address the biggest hurdle to a wider take-up of electric cars.

It aims to spend £60million a year but to break even within six years – or possibly in half that time if its experience doing a similar car-sharing and charging point in Paris can be replicated.


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