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The Development of EV Charging Stations in Beijing

The photo, taken on March 19, 2014, shows Lianfang Charging Station situated under Lianfang Bridge in Shijingshan District, Beijing. The Charging Station mainly provides charging services for sanitation work vehicles. However, the station is empty without any vehicles to charge. [Photo: Peng]

In recent years, Beijing’s city government intends to promote the wide use of alternative-energy vehicles, or what they call “green” cars, through a variety of favorable policies. However, in a recent green-car lottery, only 1428 bids were submitted for those wanting to drive one of these more environmentally sound vehicles, short of the 1666-car quota set by the city. The popularity of alternative-energy vehicles have not yet caught on in China.

Besides green cars’ lofty price-tag, the biggest obstacle to their widespread usage is the shortage of charging stations even in China’s major cities.

Beijing has so far built 65 electric vehicle charging stations, with a total of 1274 charging posts. All these facilities are able to provide charging service for 3500 green cars at the same time.

The pace of the development of charging stations is moving at a snail’s pace


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