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The 2015 VW Golf GTE – A Feast of Feisty Frugality

The 2015 VW Golf GTE – A Feast of Feisty FrugalityApparently delivering the best of all worlds, the Golf GTE plug-in hybrid promises 201BHP and up to 188mpg combined

As far as cars we never thought we’d see go, it’s safe to say a hybrid version of the Golf GT ranks right up there. Slap the GT badge on a Golf and you immediately think power, performance and to hell with the fuel bills – the GTD and GTI being more about fun than frugality.

Nevertheless, what you’re looking at here is the Golf GTE – the ‘E’ according to Volkswagen standing for ‘electric’ in this plug-in hybrid that’s also a performance car.

Under the hood of the Golf GTE lies a 1.4-liter petrol engine that’s good for 148BHP, which is joined by an electric motor capable of churning out 101BHP. When used together, total output comes in at 201BHP and 258 lb-ft torque, which isn’t too far behind the 217BHP of the standard Golf GTI.

Sadly though, with the extra weight of the 120kg battery pack, the GTE weighs a total of 170kg more than the GTI and so suffers a fair bit when it comes to acceleration. Here you’re looking at about 7.6 seconds to take care of zero to 62mph, while the GTI deals with it in about 6.5 seconds.


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