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Tesla moves up in luxurious car maker but Toyota Prius hold it in California

Toyota’s production Prius was among the best seller luxurious car for two consecutive years. Toyota does its best selling in California with total of 69,728 cars in a year. But now third position in manufacturing luxurious car is being claimed by Tesla. Sales of hybrids and electric cars in California is much popular than any other state.

According to last year’s report California has given rise to 9% of sales particularly hybrid, plug in hybrid cars and electric cars. Toyota’s hybrid plug in car Toyota Prius is considered to be world’s best selling hybrid luxurious car.

Even after getting call from company for software update, this car still owns the best position for hybrid luxurious cars. Tesla isn’t far from Pirus for producing luxurious hybrid cars. As per market report, Tesla is among third best seller of luxurious car which are hybrid plug in type cars.


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