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Tesla Motors Inc Should Watch Germany, Not Detroit for Competition

Detroit can’t seem to get electric vehicles right. The Chevy Volt by General Motors (NYSE: GM ) is only half electric and isn’t inspirational for the high-end market that can go electric. The Nissan Leaf would leave even the shortest commuter with range anxiety. And the Ford (NYSE: F ) Focus Electric doesn’t quite provide enough range or excitement to be a real competitor.

While Detroit leaves the high end of the EV market to Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA ) , instead focusing on cheaper models, there’s one company building the capability to compete in the top end of the market. BMW’s (NASDAQOTH: BAMXY ) i-series is the first step into the EV market, and it brings performance and new technology to the equation.

The i3 is BMW’s longer-range, lower-cost model, while the i8 is a hybrid that can perform with the Model S in almost any performance category. There’s no doubt Tesla has a head start on BMW, but this is an auto giant with a loyal following and if it keeps pouring money into developing EVs it will be the first major competitor to Tesla’s dominance.



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