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Renault delivers first electric cars to Macau clients

Reinforcing its strategy to introduce greener travel to Macau, Renault’s local branch has delivered its first electric car “Twizy” to its city clients. This represents an addition of 10 electric-powered engine cars to Macau roads, where eco-friendly vehicles are not yet the most common users.

The general manager of Renault in Macau, Mr Wilson Mok, reminds us that the government has already implemented two charging stations where owners of electric vehicles can find power-supply. On average, it can take around 3.5 hours to recharge these batteries, which are also advertised as recyclable.

But to further develop a culture more eco-friendly and focused on environmental protection, Mr Wilson Mok stated that the government should further invest in this sector, namely by providing more recharging stations around Macau peninsula, Taipa and Coloane.

“To cope with the city’s development I think the government should support the establishment of more charging stations, as implementing an electric car system is a great benefit for the whole region,” he told the Times.


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