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Nissan Shows Final Production Version of e-NV200 with Leaf Drive in Geneva

Nissan hosted the premiere of the final production version of the its electric van, the e-NV200 at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle combines the all-electric, battery-powered drivetrain from the Nissan Leaf with the cargo volume from the NV200, delivering a 170km (105.6 miles) NEDC homologated driving range.

The e-NV200 features 30 percent new components over the conventionally-powered NV200, and that is reflected in its styling as well. The most obvious visual difference between e-NV200 and regular NV200 models is the adoption of Nissan’s EV “face”, familiar from Nissan Leaf. The central charging doors and unique blue tinted LED headlights give a modern look and distinct identity from its ICE sibling.

Inside there’s a new instrument panel with a digital read out, while the gear selector has a simplified look and feel – shifting like a conventional automatic rather than the computer-style joystick of Leaf.

Besides visual changes, the differences between e-NV200 and NV200 include a re-engineered chassis, interior revisions, a new battery pack and a higher capacity regenerative braking system, among others.


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