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Nissan Leaf electric cars make Bhutan happy

A new survey from the San Diego-based Center for Sustainable Energy suggests owners of three of the most popular plug-in electric vehicles in the market have three different main reasons for plunging into the market for cars that are plugged into domestic wall outlets, known as Level 2 chargers, or public charging stations.

Out of the 3,881 California-based respondents, 38 percent of Nissan Leaf owners said environmental concerns was their primary motivation for buying the hatchback that has become the world’s most popular battery electric vehicle. One in five Leaf owners said saving money by using cheaper electricity rather than gasoline was their top motivation while 16 percent said access to high occupancy vehicles was the main reason. Electric cars are exempt from a law that requires more than one passenger in cars traveling on highway HOV lanes.

This contrasts with owners of the Toyota Prius plug-in electric hybrid. Fifty-seven percent of Prius owners said HOV lane access was the primary motivator, followed by saving money (18 percent) and environmental concerns (16 percent). Only 9 percent of Prius owners cited other reasons for buying the car.



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