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NewsWatch Recently Featured “ChargePoint” Electric Car Charging Stations in Its 2014 Consumer Electronics Show Wrap Up

w The “ChargePoint” Electric Car Charging Stations were featured on NewsWatch as part of its 2014 Consumer Electronic Show Wrap Up, which took a look at the latest and coolest technology showcased at the trade show. Scott Steinberg, a guest host of NewsWatch and technology expert, conducted the product review and shared with viewers how ChargePoint is the largest network of charging stations in the nation.

High gasoline prices and the emissions from gasoline fueled cars are leading Americans to purchase electric cars. ChargePoint runs the largest network of charging stations in the nation, with nearly 16 thousand places to charge.

Their network provides insight into energy usage and driver behavior for station owners. Hundreds of companies have installed ChargePoint stations including Google and Target. For drivers, ChargePoint provides a free mobile app that uses real-time data to track if a station is available and the amount of charge in the car.

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Chargepoint and BMW were showing off their latest partnership, featuring ChargePoint’s network fully integrated into the new all electric BMW i3’s navigation system. The point was to show attendees that the company has stations all over the country, from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between. and to provide a look into the future of electric cars.



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