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Mission College’s 6th annual Eco Fair.

Letter from Mission College

January 3, 2014

Dear Fellow Sustainability Supporters:

Save the date!
When?? – Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 10:30 am -1:30 pm.
Our theme this year is: “Organic Living”. From its humble beginnings,
last year we had over 35 tables plus numerous electric vehicles on
display. This included numerous environmental groups from the Sierra
Club to the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society, Breathe California,
Burrowing Owl Preservation, Silicon Valley Bike Coalition and more. We
would love to have you join us this year if possible. Will you be
available to participate?

The Eco Fair is open to all our students, faculty, staff, and the
general public. Similar to last year, our MESA (Math, Engineering &
Science Achievement) Program will be having their annual science fair
competition. We will be having free e-waste recycling pick up by
GreenMouse Recycling of San Jose.

Many of you receiving this joined us last year. We hope you will come
back and those that couldn’t make it last year, will join us this
year. Thank you very much for your consideration. Please find the
attached additional information and a confirmation form. We look
forward to having you joining us on April 17, 2014. Also if you have
other organizations, companies, or individuals you would like for us
to invite to this event, please let us know! We had beautiful weather
at last year’s event, but just in case our work order request for
sunny weather will not be granted, we have made contingency plans with
an indoor location. J If you are not able to attend and have
information, materials, etc. that you would like for us to distribute,
we will have a table for those things. The Union of Concerned
Scientists has sent us handouts, calendars, stickers and more each
year. You can send them to Bob Miller at the address below, and we
will be happy to put them out and your organization will be

If you are not the correct contact for this type of request please
forward to the appropriate person. Please feel free to call or email
me if you have additional questions.

Thank you once again and hope you can join us on April 17!

The MC Sustainability Committee and EcoLogic Student Club
Bob Miller
Counselor and MC Sustainability Committee Member
(408) 855-5094

Directions to fair. I will be showing up about 9:45 to help place cars.


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