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LEAF Suggestions Needed

Hi All,

Time for me to go All Electric after driving my hybrid Prius for 8 years. I’m interested in getting a Nissan LEAF.

1. Can anyone recommend the best dealership for me to bring my custom to?

2. Any that might have used LEAFs? (Do you recommend or warn against getting a used one?)

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

David Herron
Message 2 of 4 , Mar 24 2:47 PM
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One thing to note about Used Leaf’s is that Nissan started, a few months ago, offering certified Leaf’s. As I recall (it’s been a few months since I wrote this up), Nissan dealers taking in a Leaf will inspect the car and if it passes criteria set by Nissan can sell it with Nissan’s blessing that it’s certified to be good enough condition. These cars carry some kind of warranty, etc.

To my thinking the 2013’s and later are preferable over the 2011/2012 because they have the 6kw charging system.

+ David Herron


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