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Japan: Toyota i-Road Electric Car Starts Consumer Trials

toyota i – RoadNot so long ago, we have talked about the new developments made by scientist in the field of wireless electricity and its applications to our everyday life, also mentioning briefly Toyota’s efforts to shape the world as we know it – alternative energy wise – and put in the streets electric cars and all sorts of vehicles that will definitely change our perspectives on driving and on protecting the environment. Today it’s time to hit the road, as Toyota i – Road electric car starts consumer trials and the two – seater electric car is amazing, fun and so practical, you may soon wonder how come you never thought of driving this car – looking – like – a – motorbike vehicle until now.

If your feet are burning to step on the gas (so to speak, as this little wonder is fully electrical), you may want to know that only a few select testers will be chosen to put the i-Road on the street and assess its usability, practicastat the buzzers for mass consumption soon enough. But since the Toyota i – Road electric car starts consumer trials, how long until we will be able to buy it from our local showroom?]


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