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Japan looks to the wind and the sea for safe energy sources

Japan has a long history of efficiency in its energy policies, dating back to 1947, when their current electric power laws were enacted. They are now using their technological know-how to discover ways to harness the energy of the wind and the sea.
Japan is a small country with a lack of natural energy resources, and the connection between economic growth and an efficient energy source has became critical. The Fukushima disaster has not only opened a wound in the psyche of the population, but added an urgency to the quest for a safer source of energy production.
It has been the country’s policy, as described in the electric power laws developed in 1947, to allow local municipalities to receive a share of the profits from the electric companies. This policy spread the economic benefits received throughout the country, and was effective, but only to an extent. That same policy blocked the development of more aggressive energy development in many localities. Perhaps a sense of complacency overtook the populous, at least until the Tsunami of 2011.


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