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Ireland: With a few changes, electric cars could go the distance

CAN electric cars cut it in Ireland or are they a flop? Despite regulatory backing, financial incentives and the whirlwind success of Tesla in the US, European adoption of electric cars is oddly muted.

Can it change? After a week with one of the models available in Ireland (Nissan’s €21,000 Leaf hatchback), I’m left with the following conclusions.

* Electric cars drive better than petrol cars

Going from an electric car back to a similarly sized petrol or diesel car, you quickly realise how advanced the electric models are. Almost everything about them is a better experience.

From traffic lights, the mid-range Leaf I drove left BMWs and Audis for dead every time. In fact, I clocked the car at about seven seconds from zero to 100kph, which is sports car territory.


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