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Head out on the electric highway – an Australian first on the horizon – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

SARAH FERGUSON, PRESENTER: It sounds like an intro to an episode of ‘Top Gear’, an electric highway running through the empty roads of Western Australia. But the country’s first ever network of high powered charge stations could give electric car owners something they’ve never had before – freedom. Electric cars are one answer to our dependence on petrol but in Australia their take up has been slow. That may be about to change.

Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out – 7:30’s Claire Moodie has the story.

CLAIRE MOODIE, REPORTER: At this car show in Perth petrol heads are test driving the electric alternative.

CHRIS JONES, AUSTRALIAN ELECTRIC VEHICLE ASSOCIATION: It’s a very, very unique experience. It’s silent, it’s smooth.

CLAIRE MOODIE: And the converted are selling the electric vehicle dream.



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