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Guide to Electric Car Etiquette Infographic

In the world we live in, we face people who buy Chang Rae Lee books, all of them, probably even those unpublished still, and only read one. But natural selection has for its share to the changing development of the world the power to shape the new people of the future. Like in Chang Rae Lee’s books, the apocalpyse or a new Ice Age may not be as far as we might first imagine. Have you seen the Yolanda storm and Japanese earthquakes videotaped on Youtube? They’re enough to freak you out and also get you to be prepared.

People have been doing their homework, though, so this preparation thing wouldn’t be a big deal, not so much. The recent development in electric cars has made people use it that there are now etiquette guides on how to act when you now own an electric car and you seem like you belong in a higher elite superpower level of social awareness that you’re the source of envy by car users who eke out on dirty, nasty bloated coal.



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