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GREEN VIEW: Pros and cons of electric cars

I have read many articles announcing that the latest car technology will be the solution to our environmental problems, but even I am not blind to the fact that we make decisions based on other things than whole life cost, writes Peter Gudde.

That being said, the UK car fleet is becoming more resource efficient with cars designed to be lower air pollution emitters. Improvement will take time to work through the nation’s 35 million vehicles, with last year’s car sales at their highest since 2007 at over 2 million.

Recently, I road tested one of the latest plug-in electric hatchbacks which made me wonder whether these will be the’cars of the future’? Let me share with you some pros and cons as far as I can see.

First the ‘Pros’. What initially struck me was how normal the car looked and felt. I remember the Sinclair C5; what I drove ain’t one of those


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