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GM executive chief EV engineer says reducing cost of plug-in vehicles is ‘huge priority’ – AutoblogGreen

As we know, another major automaker investing heavily in electrified vehicles isGeneral Motors, and it’s doing things much differently than rivals BMW, Ford orNissan. The Chevrolet Volt extended-range EV is a modest seller at its $40,000 sticker price but a huge hit with owners. The Chevy Spark BEV, still in limited availability, puts smiley faces on its owners and drivers. The just-introducedCadillac ELR, a sharp-looking, fun-driving $76,000 luxocoupe take on the Volt’s EREV mechanicals, has admittedly low sales expectations.

With this interesting trio in showrooms and much more in the works, the third vehicle electrification leader I collared for an interview at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show (see #1 and #2) was Pam Fletcher, GM’s executive chief engineer, Electrified Vehicles.

ABG: Why do your EREVs need four-cylinder power to extend their range when BMW’s i3 makes do with an optional 650 cc two-banger?

“We designed [the Volt and the ELR] to go anywhere, any time” – Pam Fletcher



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