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Georgia Advocates Ask Legislature To Keep Electric-Car Tax Benefit

Today, Georgia is among the best places in the country to buy an electric vehicle.

Its electric-vehicle tax credit of $5,000 is among the highest offered by any state, and makes buying a battery-electric vehicle much more affordable.

But advocates for the bill are now appealing to Georgia legislature not to approve a bill to eliminate the tax credit that may be voted on this Monday.

On Wednesday, the Georgia House Income Tax Subcommittee passed HB257–a substitute bill that would eliminate the entire Georgia income tax credit for electric cars.

2014 Nissan Leaf2014 Nissan Leaf
Support, but don’t subsidize?

The bill has been proposed by Representative Chuck Martin, who supports the adoption of electric cars but believes they shouldn’t be subsidized by taxpayer money.

The bill has been approved by the Georgia Ways & Means Committee and will be voted on by the House on Monday–the last day a bill can be approved in one chamber of the legislature and still be adopted in the current session.



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