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Fukushima plant out of control: radioactive cesium could reach US by April

The US government together with the Japanese one doesn’t reveal any precise information about the situation on the nuclear power plant Fukushima. Independent scientists and journalists claim that real figures are deliberately understated on order to suppress unrest among people. People all around the world have no clear picture of what has been happening at the Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima province since a catastrophe occurred in March of 2011.

Tokyo Electric Power Company that manages the plant doesn’t reveal any information about its operations at the nuclear station.

Japanese government, in its turn, has passed a “government secrets” act that prohibits the journalist cover the information, falling under the act. The pieces of information about the radiation that appear are usually veiled under the terms and words that are unclear for ordinary people.

The fact is that both sides of the argument – those, who intend to hide the information and those, who intend to reveal it – go hyperbolic, while presenting their point of views.


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