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Elegant and electric, car part of ‘brand’

But ‘nice’ doesn’t come close to describing his newest vehicle, a totally electric Tesla.

It’s an evironmentally-friendly machine, with no gas engine. It has green licence plates issued by the province, along with a rebate of $8,500. And it’s permitted in the HOV commuter lanes on highways, with just one person. But the eco-friendly factor wasn’t the draw, says the Niagara-on-the-Lake real estate broker.

Nor was the fact that it will save him about $3,000 a year in gas.

What does rate high with O’Connor is that it’s a fabulous-looking vehicle, and it’s fast.

It can travel from zero to 100 km/hour in four seconds.

“I’ve always liked to have a nice car—I spend a lot of time in it. But more than that, it’s part of my brand,” says O’Connor.

“Having a decent vehicle is part of doing business with high-end clientele, and this is more than decent. This is exotic. We all have to spend money to buy a car, but this car is a lot of fun.”

O’Connor doesn’t want to talk about how much he spent on it, but the base price for the car is $80,000, and extras take it over the $100,000 mark.

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” he says.


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