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Electric Cars set to offer consumers a number of benefits as advocacy towards sustainable automobiles grows – Yahoo Finance Canada

OSLO, Norway, March 7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Electric cars are expected to bring with them an array of fundamental benefits to motorists all over the world. This comes as pressure on car manufacturing companies to devise sustainable and environmental friendly automobiles continues to grow. According to latest developments in the automobile sector, although electric cars will for sure not answer all the environmental questions its predecessors have posed, the benefits associated with the car will come handy for car owners all over the world.


The biggest benefit of electric cars is hinged on environmental sustainability. According to environmental activists, motor vehicles have contributed significantly into the high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Although practical alternatives to fuel have not been discovered yet, there is hope and strong believe that electric cars will repair a bit of the damage caused to the global environment by carbon emissions from motor vehicles. The technology used to design electric cars is revolutionary. Automobile experts note that the electric car is the foundation of next generation automobiles that will be environment friendly and efficient.

The global cost of fuel has been erratic at best and consumers have been paying the price every day. The Electric car is seen by a lot of motor enthusiasts as the perfect solution to the persistent increase in fuel prices every day. In addition to this, the cost of powering an electric car is relatively lower compared to fuel cars. Automobile experts who have been upbeat about electric car technology note that the vehicle is capable of running for at least 43 miles at a cost of just $1. Car design technology has entered into a new phase where fuel efficiency is a mandatory priority. Big car makers have spent billions in research and testing for fuel efficiency vehicles but all in all, the future seems very bright indeed.

The maintenance cost of an electric car has also been a major debate in automobile quarters all over the world. A lot of mechanics observe that even though electric car engines still have moving parts, the maintenance is way easier, faster and cheaper. In addition to this, car owners can save on engine and transmission oil costs. Reliability of any car is an absolute necessity in fact car bloggers and reviewers make car model comparisons based on this every day.

The support that electric cars are getting is overwhelming to say the least. Environmental activists have repeatedly encouraged car manufacturers to rapidly produce more versions of electric cars to help retrieve the earth from the current course of destruction. As for motorists who love quiet and tranquil rides, automobile experts recommend the electric car overwhelmingly. Whether there will be newer and better cars than this one, at the moment it seems electric cars are set to become some of the biggest developments in modern car manufacturing.

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