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Electric cars: Give consumers a choice

The absence of electric cars in the GCC region is notable and most obvious in the case of BMW i3.
The small electric vehicle is distributed in most parts of the world except for the Gulf region.
The i3 is so successful there is a long waiting list of customers in most markets.
There are reasons, cited by car companies, for not exporting electric cars to the region including cheap fossil fuel and lack of tangible demand from consumers.
These reasons are not convincing.
I know of no surveys that prove consumers in the GCC are less keen to use electric cars than in other cities of the world.
Fuel may be cheap in the short run, but there is also the environment issue which is totally ignored. GCC cities are reaching the limits of air pollution levels, especially in summer; they can certainly do with the respite offered by electric cars.
There are three parties that can contribute to changing the status quo: consumers, car companies and governments.


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