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Electric Car Batteries Could Be Used to Power Europe’s Data Centers

Electric Car Batteries Could Be Used to Power Europe’s Data CentersElectric cars do run on batteries, and going along with the overall “green” theme of electric cars, you might be pleased to know that the batteries which run these four wheelers could eventually be used to help manage the voracious appetite for energy in Europe’s data centers. This particular idea would require the cumulative effect of plenty of old batteries as stores, supplying power as and when required, especially during peak times. It is said that approximately 2.5% of all European energy is consumed by servers in data centers, and by the time 2019 rolls around, this is tipped to grow to 5%.

A new research project that has already been funded to the tune of £3.6m is looking for various methods to maintain Europe’s computer infrastructure without consuming even more energy. Known as Green Data Net, this particular project would look to hardware as well as software to be more efficient.


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