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Electric Bikes to Race Petrol Ones for the First Time in a FIM-Sanctioned Event

A very important step in the development of the electric bikes industry has been taken and e-motorcycles will be competing against traditional, internal combustion engine (ICE) ones for the first time. UK’s Darvill Racing Team has reached an agreement with the ACU (Great Britain’s racing association) and we’re in for haute tension racing in the Southern 100 Road Races event.

The agreement is even more important as it is sanctioned by both ACU and the FIM. The Southern 100 Road Races is held each year in July, in the northern part of the Isle of Man. And if this starts to sound familiar, well, it really is: the TT Zero is also a part of the Southern 100 Road Races.

This year marks the first-ever presence of electric motorcycles in a FIM-sanctioned gas bikes event. (We will be) “competing in the Pre-TT, TT, Southern 100, Classic TT, Manx Grand Prix, ThundersportGB and Andreas Championships. We have committed to a number of international races and have some individual and diverse one-off events planned,” Darvill Team principal Alex Aitchinson says.

Darvill also inked a deal with Brammo and will become a Factory-Supported Team in the FIM eRoadRacing series, fielding a Brammo Empulse TTX duo. While one of the bikes will race in its stock trim, the other one will receive racing-grade enhancements.


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