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E-Mart to install EV charging stations at its stores

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E-Mart to install EV charging stations at its stores
Updated: 2014-03-13 PM 12:08:51 (KST)

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Drivers will soon be able to recharge their electric vehicles at E-Mart, the largest retail outlet in Korea.
E-Mart is aiming to install 60 EV charging stations at stores around the country by the end of this year.
An E-Mart official says that an electric car can run for around 49 kilometers, roughly a 40-minute drive, on a one-hour charge — which may be useful for people driving short distances after shopping for groceries and heading straight home.
To build the stations, E-mart teamed up with Posco, Korea’s largest steelmaker and B-M-W Korea, which is releasing its new i3 electric vehicle next month.
The three companies plan to build 40 additional EV charging stations at E-Mart by next year.
This is the first such attempt by private companies to facilitate the use of electric vehicles in Korea.
The country’s existing 19-hundred EV charging stations were built with government support.
E-Mart’s new EV charging stations will be able to accommodate all kinds of electric vehicles.
All users will have to do is purchase a membership card.


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