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Clean-car subsidies go into high gear | Mobile

SACRAMENTO — Hold the presses. Did you know that low-income Californians tend to drive older, less-efficient cars that pollute more than newer cars, and that these folks “struggle to cover the costs of their basic transportation needs”? Did you know that poorer people’s budgets (and the air) could improve if they were provided help to buy newer, efficient cars?

Those are conclusions from a report, “No Californian Left Behind,” published last week by a think tank called Next Generation. This might be the type of thing one expects from a San Francisco-based group that focuses on climate change, but its research provides fodder for an idea already floated by California air-quality officials.

Californians know about rent vouchers, foods stamps and discounted utility programs for the poor, but we’re now in the fast lane to providing them with highly subsidized, late-model cars, also.



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