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Chevy Volt Crossed 400 Million EV Miles Today (Update)

“See the USA–in your Chevrolet” is the ancient jingle for Chevy’s 20th-century internal combustion engines. The Volt is looking to exceed 133,333 electric-only trips across the USA today, enough to walk the Great Wall of China 30,000 times, as GM’s Jeff Cobb puts it.

Chevy Volt hits 400 million mile electric-only mark.But 400 million miles is probably the easiest way to express the Volt’s important cumulative “milestone.” Cobb says that when he checked last night–February 24–at 11:30 pm EST, GM’s running tally of Volt EV-only miles was over 399,700. (See his screenshot on the right.) That’s a total miles-driven of 640 million and a fuel savings over 21 million gallons of gasoline. The gas money saved could reportedly buy 159 acres of a private island.

You can see the OnStar stats here. “The Most Driven Volt” (serial # 2012-04388) holds the individual record, with over 56,500 EV miles.

One of these top drivers, jegund, also noted in the comments: “Me and Sparkie (congrats), per VoltStats.Net both passed 50,000 EV miles yesterday. For me, I estimate that’s at least 143 trips to the gas station I did not have to make over the almost 3 years of owning my Volt. That’s what I like.”



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