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[charging network] Fast-Charging Networks for Electric Cars: A State-by-State Guide |

am in Portland, Ore., riding shotgun in an Enterprise car-share Nissan LEAF, taking a 100-mile-range EV far further than it normally goes in a day. That’s because Oregon and Washington have a Pacific Northwest network of DC fast chargers, including what Harry Dalgaard of Travel Oregon describes as “the first fully electric coastline in the country, from Astoria in the north to Brookings in the south.”

Ashley Horvat, Oregon’s chief EV officer (the first such title in the country) is along for the ride. She tells me the network of AeroVironment stations (37 in Oregon) was paid for with $915,000 in stimulus funding via the Department of Energy (10 stations) and $3.34 million in Tiger II discretionary funds from the Department of Transportation (the rest of it). Oregon also has 20 other DC fast chargers from other projects. Washington State has 26 fast chargers, 12 of them AeroVironment and funded by the state DOT.

The AeroVironment CHAdeMO chargers (all of which have Level 2 units alongside) got our LEAF mostly filled up in about 20 minutes, and all functioned well—though an out-of-network Blink fast charger (now operated by the Car Charging Group) in a Walmart parking lot was D.O.A. during our visit. Here’s the early stages of that visit, on video (and the noisy rain):



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