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Carscoops: Bolloré Bringing Electric Car-Sharing Scheme to London; Will Put 3,000 EVs on the Streets by 2016

French billionaire Vincent Bolloré unveiled plans to bring the Autolib’ electric car-sharing program from Paris to London, with 3,000 EVs to be placed on the streets of the UK capital by 2016. Bolloré, who is CEO of the Bolloré Group which set up the Autolib’ program in Paris in 2011, said electric car hire could help cut congestion and reduce pollution in London.
“Pollution becomes a nightmare… so many cities where you can’t even go out and the planes can’t take off and you have to solve this problem,” Bolloré told Reuters at the launch of the program.

Bolloré said the London car hire scheme would be serviced by 6,000 charging points installed around the city by 2018, up from the current 1,400. Users will be able to hire a car for £10 ($16.6) an hour, using a smartphone app to find a pick-up point, then leave the car at one of the locations.



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