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Can You Plug Your Chainsaw Into The Cigarette Lighter Of An Electric Car?

Electric Vehicle coloring bookEven with all of the stories on electric cars in the news each day, and entire websites dedicated to electric vehicles, people still have a lot of questions about them. Some of those questions are pretty straightforward and practical, such as how long you can drive one before having to recharge it, and other ones, such as that in the title of this post, are really off the wall.

To address those offbeat questions that potential electric car owners and those who are just curious about electric vehicles in general might have, an employee of an EV company and her artist friend have come up with a humorous and engaging method of answering them.

Ayumi Kim, who works at an electric car store, and Sarah W-R, an artist and illustrator, are creating a “modern age coloring book and guide to electric vehicles” full of bizarre questions, anecdotes, and other occurrences experienced by Kim while interacting with customers at an electric vehicle store.


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