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Battery BMW has power to go extra mile

Yes, their numbers in terms of sales still remain tiny for the moment but the fact remains that battery-powered motoring is growing in various forms and it will be only a matter of time before we rely on electric power in all of our cars.

However, while battery technology is improving, the issue of their limited range and the ensuing “range anxiety” means that they remain a minority choice. With a maximum of between 90 and 100 miles on a full charge, they remain limited in their flexibility and practicality for most drivers on a daily basis.

All of which makes this new BMW i3 such an inspired option. Having driven the standard electric-powered version at the end of last year and voted it as our best environmental car of 2013 in our coveted Motoring Oscars, it offers drivers a unique choice: either the standard car with that 90-100 mile range or, for an extra £3,000, you can opt for this Range Extender version.

As its name suggests, this model also features a 650cc two-cylinder motorbike engine which automatically starts when you run out of battery power and provides the electric motor with a charge for you to continue driving, doubling its range.


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