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Active-Semi Announce Scalable Wireless Mobile Charging SoC Solution | EE Times

I was just chatting with the folks at Active-Semi– a rapidly emerging leader in the multibillion-dollar power management IC and intelligent digital motor drive IC markets — about its recently launched PAC5220WP wireless power SoC solution.

It’s amazing how some things seem to pass me by without my noticing. For example, I had no idea that Active-Semi had grown to be such a powerhouse (pun intended), having sold more than a billion ICs to more than 1,000 customers. My lack of awareness may be due to the fact that Active-Semi is one of those players whose products (in the form of silicon chips) are deeply embedded and form an integral part of the products that we do see. The problem is that these parts are so deeply embedded that most of us don’t even know they are there. In the case of wall chargers, car chargers, and power banks, for example, one would not be surprised to find “Active-Semi Inside,” as it were.

Active-Semi’s latest offering involves wireless charging technology. “Globally, 3.5 billion consumer electronic devices shipped with rechargeable batteries in 2013, and this market is projected to grow to 4.5 billion devices in 2017,” said Ryan Sanderson, principal analyst for power supply and storage components at IHS Technology, in an Active-Semi press release on the solution.



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