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6.3.2014 Top 10 EVs at Geneva Motor Show 2014

With over 20 electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell models, there’s a green theme running through this year’s Geneva Motor Show which opens to the public today (06 March).

In response to increasing consumer demands for fuel efficient cars, and in preparation for the recently agreed European new car CO2 targets, manufactures are especially keen to present their latest green models.

While at least 60 models at the 2014 Show have CO2 emissions of 95 g/km or less, we thought it would interesting to highlight our Top 10 electric cars at this year’s event, many of which you can already buy or order in the UK, and one which (for good reasons!) is unlikely to make it into your local showroom.

For the first time the 2014 Geneva Motor Show is also offering EV test drives (in Hall 1). As well as getting a chance to experience driving an electric car, possibly for the first time, the vehicle support teams are on hand to answer visitor’s questions regarding the purchase, driving range, and charging requirements of each electric model.

So without more ado, here’s our Top 10 EVs at Geneva Motor Show 2014:


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