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2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Spied for the First Time – Indian Cars Bikes

The new Sonata that is set to come out in 2015 has been spotted testing earlier but this latest batch of spy pics are a little. This may just be the first time that we’ve got a glimpse of the new hybrid Hyundai Sonata. When it came out, the Sonata Hybrid became the first non-plug-in hybrid offered in the market. The car makes use of lithium polymer batteries, which is known to be among the most efficient electric sources available. Going by the badge on the test mule in these pictures, it’s safe to say that Hyundai is busy testing the next in the Sonata hybrid line.

When it came out, the Sonata Hybrid became the first non-plug-in hybrid offered in the market

Hyundai has been one of the early adopters in the use of a combination of petrol and electricity powering their cars in the mid segment. Their dedication to hybrids is exposed in the way in which it went all out to ensure that the Sonata hybrid was an appealing prospect to potential customers from its very first iteration. Besides the hybrid powerplant, Hyundai will also offer the bigger four-cylinder petrol engine in America while Europe is more likely to get a smaller turbo-charged powerplant. A more fuel-efficient take on the current 2 liter 4-cylinder mill that’s housed in the Sonata 2.0T will figure as an engine option as well since the 2015 version is strongly based on the current model.



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