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2015 Fisker Atlantic, Karma Headed for Production

Troubled automaker Fisker won a stay of execution when Wanxiang bought its assets out of court. In the days after the purchase, speculation about the future of Fisker ranged from starting where they’d left off to ditching the Karma’s troublesome hybrid drivetrain in favor of a more primitive and powerful Corvette V8, a la VL Destino. Earlier this week, we got our first hint of Wanxiang’s plans for Fisker’s future from the company itself, in the form of a newly launched website and a “promise” to build the Fisker Atlantic.

First shown back in 2012, the Fisker Atlantic was the baby brother to the Karma. A luxurious, good-looking plug-in hybrid that was intended to do battle with mainstream Mercedes and BMW models while the sexier, slinkier Fisker Karma acted as the brand’s halo car. The Karma did well enough before Fisker’s troubles started, and will probably do well again. No reason to believe, then, that a reborn Fisker with real funding won’t do better.

Here’s some of Wanxiang’s corporate talk about itself and the “New Fisker” company …


The New Fisker under Wanxiang America Corp ownership will reintroduce “fun” to the driving experience. The New Fisker will keep its nimble and green roots to create a new type of Automotive OE company. One that will display it ingenuity and creativity while keeping the Roots that Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler planted.


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