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WCCSD Votes to Support Electric Vehicle Plug-In Station in Willow Creek

The Willow Creek Community Service District (WCCSD) Board of Directors threw their support behind a plan to build an Electric Vehicle (EV) plug-in charging station downtown near the China Flat Museum.

The Willow Creek site is part of a new EV charging network proposed for Humboldt County by engineering company GHD Inc., the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), and the Schatz Energy Resource Center (SERC).

David Carter, an engineer at GHD, said, “We plan to build 10 new electric vehicle charging stations in Humboldt County and analysis of travel patterns indicates that Willow Creek will be a really important location.”

The new charging stations will be spread across the county, and added to the three that already exist. Two more are planned for Arcata, which already has one charging station, and two more stations in Eureka will bring that town’s total to four.

Other planned locations include Trinidad, McKinleyville, Fortuna, Ferndale, and Rio Dell.

WCCSD Director Tom O’Gorman said, “I think it’s an excellent opportunity.”

Carter said, “The chargers that we’re specifying have two plugs, so two cars can use it. It also has retractable cords, so you can grab it just like a gas pump nozzle.”

Willow Creek’s EV charger will use a commercially-available “slow charge” low power station drawing 240 volts on a 30 amp circuit. Approximately 6,500 of the stations are installed throughout the U.S.

“It costs about $3 to charge a Nissan Leaf up to 75 – 100 mile range,” Carter said. “It will provide 20 miles of range for every hour plugged in there.”

Former President of the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce Ed Duggan said he thought a charging station in the center of town was a good idea.

“It might do our businesses downtown some good if they’re walking around town while their vehicles are charging,” Duggan said.
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