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Volta Industries Charging Forward with Growing Presence in Arizona

PHOENIX — Volta Industries LLC (Volta) today announced the launch of its first 12 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Arizona, serving EV drivers in metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson. Volta operates the Volta Network, the largest network of free-to-use EV charging stations nationwide, with free EV charging stations in Arizona, California and Hawaii.

“We’re so excited about the response to our EV charging network in Arizona,” said Arden Penton, Volta’s Director of Media and Operations. “Drivers have embraced the opportunity to charge up for free at these stations, which provide prime advertising space for area businesses. We’re in the process of selecting advertising partners that power up these popular stations; local businesses still have time to reach Arizona’s EV drivers if they act now.”

The stations are available in some of the most visited destinations in Phoenix, including Scottsdale Quarter, Ahwatukee Foothills Towne Center, Paradise Village Gateway and Arrowhead Crossing, as well as Tucson Spectrum in Tucson. Charging kiosks showcase the sponsor on both front and back, and provide 20 to 25 miles of range per hour of charging as a free sponsored service. By the end of the year, Volta expects to grow to 500 stations across the country.

“Range anxiety is one of the biggest challenges to overcome for those considering an electric car,” Penton said. “As our free charging network expands, anxiety decreases and people are more likely to turn to EVs. We want drivers to have charging available easily and conveniently, and so we’re building free-to-use stations where our drivers already visit.”

About Volta Industries

Founded in 2010, Volta Industries LLC has a proven track record in the design and installation of EV charging projects in Arizona, California, and Hawaii. Volta’s proprietary business model is the first of its kind worldwide, paving the way for Volta to be named Hawaii’s Innovative Company of the Year in 2012 and Best in Small Business in 2013. For more, visit or call (888) 264-2208.



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