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USA: Notes from 2/22/2014 EAA Annual Meeting

Good morning, EVerybody!

Thought I’d share some info from yesterday’s EAA Annual Member’s Meeting. I attached the presentation material (in PDF) so you can review when time permits.

Here are the key points I pulled out of the meeting that we can discuss in our next few meetings:

1 – CurrentEVents is always looking for articles, anything we can write about for NEEAA?
2 – Post our events / meetings on the NEEAA page
3 – 1360 paid EAA members, 1190 non-members with accounts on EAA website; 2550 people! Growing about 20 members per month
4 – BayLEAF (local San Francisco bay area LEAF owner’s group) had two slides and is active. They are investigating going national with chapters across the US! Any interest in breaking out a special LEAF group for Connecticut and/or Massachusetts? (I believe there’s already a group for Teslas?). All ready played around with a name/logo just for fun – similar to the BayLEAFs!



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