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USA: In demand: Electric car-charging stations

A new electric vehicle charging station has been installed at Edward Hospital. | Courtesy of Edward Hospital

Range anxiety is the term electric car owners give to their trepidation over running out of a charge and being stranded on the road.

“Anyone who has driven an electric vehicle has experienced it,” said Ted Lowe, a director with the Fox Valley Electric Auto Association.

Years ago, we dreamed of the day when there was a public infrastructure available for electric car owners to charge their vehicles, Lowe said.

Today there are 7,499 public electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, and since 2012, the city of Naperville has laid claim to one of them. To meet the demand of users, the city will be installing an additional two dual stations.

Caitlin Marcon, a project manager for the city, said when it moved forward with the Smart Grid, it was gifted an electric charging station at 44 W. Van Buren Ave.

For a year, the city provided the service free of charge to study usage. Data collection showed that the charging station had significant usage, Marcon said.


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